When attending your child’s sporting event, or participating as an adult in a sport, how likely is it that a professional will be onsite if there is a dental injury?  Would you know what to do? Responding quickly with the correct procedures can make a difference in managing these emergencies, and is something that parents, athletes, coaches, and caregivers should know.

Fortunately, there is information readily available in a handy pocket guide format.  Free copies can be downloaded from the Dear Doctor website, and printed copies can also be ordered for a fee. The guide briefly outlines treatment that can be done within 5 minutes of a tooth being knocked out, treatment if a tooth is moved from its original position, and treatment if a tooth is chipped or broken.
[download_link link=”http://www.deardoctor.com/dental-injuries/dental-injuries-guide1.pdf” variation=”black” target=”blank”]Download the free, printable guide[/download_link]
[download_link link=”http://www.deardoctor.com/dental-injuries/” variation=”black” target=”blank”]Order multiple printed card copies [/download_link]

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