Nanotechnology is the branch of technology that deals with manipulating atoms and molecules. The American Chemical Society has reported on a pre-clinical study that shows promise for patients undergoing oral surgery. The study shows a reduction in pain and recovery time after oral surgery with the aid of specialized nanotechnology.

When oral surgery is performed on a patient, oftentimes collagen fibers under the gums need to be cut in order for severely misaligned teeth to be able to move into better alignment. This oral surgery procedure can be a requirement for some patients before braces are put onto the teeth.

Using nanotechnology, scientists are developing ways to insert microscopic enzymes that could potentially remove the collagen fibers without using a scalpel. The enzymes weaken the collagen fibers, making it easier for the teeth to shift.

Studies still need to be performed, but it is always positive news when we look to ways to help patients improve their oral health with less pain, faster recovery, and optimal results.

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